Tuesday, July 20, 2010


go back homet0wn
nite ~ dinner at SMS
xixi ~ sharpfin soup , crab.... my favor

after dinner with family
my bro & i went to meet TT & CC at jonker
but raining so i bring them to capitol
haha ~ we had fun over there ....
eat n talk...... fun ...

go back....

went to shopping with sis n ahma
bought a pair of high heel n a top
n my C.... ^^

nite :gathering with my buddy
at malim old town

till midnite then back

go back inti gather with sis
then i go shopping again
anna n simpang gang all cuming
all is my bb best fren ^^
at T.S

reached T.S
i have my lunch at Papa John

salad with piza
i love it !
it make mi feel fresh n healthy ^^

then walk n walk n walk
i treat anna my favor ice cream --kindori ^^

then dinner time
eat at my favor food stall
behind T.S
my coconut chicken herb soup
curry ,vege n pig legs ^^
with my favor kat zai sun mui ^^
yum yum yumm >.@

then back h0me
i feel hapi but im tired
BB ..... & I very very lovely =)
he treat mi with care, with alot of love n so do i
i really falling in love with him madly ^^

shopping time agn
Nondo's my favor chicken n rice

4 my branch
and XXL chicken from shi ling
i took it into cinema n enjoyed it with mv
----Despicable Me-----

after the mv
walk n walk n walk
bought a top n so my BB
and BB bought a cute little candy sticky ^^

wowo ~ real gd baby ~
i like it ~ ^^

then dinner at otak2
i like to eat otak2
lazy to capture ....
finish food then back home
wash bb clothes
then supple at mamak
i like to eat Tosai & teh o lime^^
then.... insomnia till 1 sumting ~
i hate it !!!
n i suffering of the mthly pain @.@

Thursday, July 15, 2010


after class
had lunch tgt with classmate
i order --> beef noodle

after an h0urs plus chi chating
we went back hostel ....
and bebe ad arrived inti
yeah..... when i look at him
i was....... so Hapi !
thw way he smile ...
i feel the hapiness indeed !
Bebe ...i love u madly

sweeeet ,dun u feel that ? lol

i decided to go JJ
when reach then i go to watch MV

i was blur in their dreams' dreams ..... @.@

but still i enjoyed it ^^

after mV ...then we go makan ^^
korean cuisine --> Mine
Thai Food -----==> My bebe

then Bebe esnd mi back to inti
n he go back his h0me
it took an hours ....
maybe he used to it
but i stil can feel the love he gv to mi ~

every fren ar0und mi
kip saying he is a gd bf
haha ~ yeah he is super sayang mi ^^
but sumtime i super manja him.... XD

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


after class BEbe reached Inti on time
so hapi
after the s2p acc test
we went to hv our breakfast at HAkka Mee

after that
we went to MV
4 2 mvs

--Predat0r @ 12pm---

--Sex and the city 2 @ 4.15pm--

w0w .... after predat0r i went to SK
have my lunch ~

after Sex and the city
have my dinner at hawker centre
Nice S0up n satay i hv
* huang qiu ji tang

BB said :yiiii ~ so bitter ....
I said : nt at all ~ i love it ~ haha

then back h0me .... enj0y the night !

I Love U ... ney ney ~
i ne0 u r super tired since
u need to wake up so early
jz to cum fr0m far and acc mi
u r such a LOvely Bf ~

i neo im bad
i neo im so selfish
i neo im so manja ^^


i love u beside mi always

muuuack !!

Monday, July 12, 2010

S2p ACc Test



--- SPAIN ---

The Winner

Here C0me t0 my s2p acc test

i hv been start study a wk b4 the test

yet i dun understand well

n0w burning the twilight oil

i Hate YOU so much


Leta 8am test



Friday, July 9, 2010

Steamb0at diNner

this m0rning finished class at 10am

decide to hv breakfast with classmate at Mcd

when i reached there


after i ordered n sit

i called n ask

y u guys so slow

they said chg venue to Hak Ka Mee

well ~ i ad get b0red of it

n i was so enjoyed my Mcd Bf with Jm

xixixi ~ we chat bout fo0tball match

and bout study ....

after finishing our bf ....

we went to meet them ~

we played cards -guessing the number >.@

after that ~

no0n ~ bebe cum bring mi out 4 lunch

i had my t0m yam vege s0up n Hainam Bihun

so full...........

Dinner ~ the major meal of the day

we went to Giant post lens t0 my Lp

then pick up the ingredient that i listed

then then then

back hostel prepare

jz around 30 min

we finished prepare everything

move on to start our Steamb0at wa

ya ~ xuan hui,hu yue n chia ing said

wendy ~ u r a gd co0k , it was nice !

shy shy =.=

yes ,im a gd co0k ~ muahahha

end : FULL !!

then nid to study Acc 4 test ...T.T

nite ~ g0ing to slp n0w ~^^

Thursday, July 8, 2010



after class S.p with classmate

i went there 4 movie


b4 this i was starving

i went to Subway settle my hunger

then Sister Crispy pohpia

then Ajisen Ramen

then Movie time

finished the movie

Acc Bebe went to Padini

he b0ught 2 top that he saw on tue


to0k sum pic at the garden


we go station 1 nearby IOI

they order alotz of fo0d

but i didnt order

so cukai them de fo0d

n they f0rce mi to drink Heineken

but i drink sprite instead of beer

as i said same colour bottle ~

so i drank ad

~ muahahhaha ~

they are drunk & crazy


on the way back

Jo said she is pro kisser

n his bf sked of her 4 the 1st kiss

(Like big fish kiss small fish )




went to class as usual ....

after class
bebe cum n we dating at S.P

we went to Nondo's
0ne of my favorite fo0d

then nx r0und desert
my favorite ice cream
-BanaNa Taste

after that started sh0pping ar0und
here are the things that i bought on that day ...

then M0vie time
-- TripLe Tap --

Then Balik my 0wn sweEt rum

Sweet dream